Famous Black Cats in History and Culture

Famous Black Cats in History and Culture.

Famous Black Cats in History and Culture. Black cats have always been a popular subject in culture, appearing in folk tales, art, films, and internet memes. They evoke such a response in us humans.

Some see black cats as ominous figures, foreshadowing misfortune while others believe they’re a sign of good luck or change.

Whatever the cultural significance, black cats have become a staple in popular culture. They’re often seen as a symbol of Halloween and are usually associated with witches and bad luck. But whether this is

We love our black cats here at AnimalWised, so we’ve put together a list of famous black cats in history and culture. Some of these cats are instantly recognizable, while others may be more famous in the past. Either way, they might remind you of the most important black cat in your life.

And if you’re looking for some black cat name inspiration, this list is a great place to start!

Felix the Cat

Felix the Cat is one of the most famous cartoon cats in history. While younger readers may not find him as immediately recognizable, 2019 is the 100th year of his celebrity.

Starting in the silent film era, Felix the Cat helped pioneer animation and furthered the art of film in general. His short movies were relatively simplistic in the beginning, but soon grew to encompass more characters, more complex animation and ever develop

Snowball II

The next famous black cat on our list is one that younger readers may be more familiar with. The Simpson’s writers came up with the family cat Snowball II, a black cat with an inappropriate name

. This is because the original Snowball was a white cat believed to be run over by the brother of the town’s mayor. While not appearing in many Simpsons episodes, Snowball II appears regularly and is a very recognizable famous cartoon black cat.

Oscar the bionic cat

Oscar, the first real life cat in our list of famous black cats, is no longer 100% organic. In 2009, Oscar’s back two feet were amputated due to an accident with a combine harvester. Fortunately, the veterinarian who treated Oscar referred him to veterinary surgeon Noel Fitzpatrick who wanted to use a pioneering technique.

This technique allowed Oscar to receive blades on his back legs, similar to prosthetics used by sportspersons in the Special Olympics. When his ankle became broken, Oscar had to lose the blades, but he was given replacement ‘feet’ which kept him mobile.

Behemoth from ‘The Master and Margarita’

The giant black cat known as Behemoth from Russian author Mikhail Bulgakov’s literary work The Master and Margarita is quite the character. In the novel, Satan visits early 1930s Russia and causes all sorts of trouble for its citizens.

Behemoth is part of the devil’s entourage and is known for being a comical figure who loves to drink vodka and create mayhem. Although he has the ability to turn into a human, he usually prefers to stay in his feline form.


While some cats are famous from literature or cartoons, many more are now becoming well known due to their popularity on the internet. Whether as part of a meme or having their own Instagram account, they develop their fame due to the popularity of looking at cat pictures online.

Cole is one half of Cole & Marmalade, superstar internet cats who have their lives documented by Jessica and Chris, their guardians. Marmalade had cancer and Cole was there to look after him, helping to endear them both to their online fans.


Matthew Flinders was the leader of the first expeditions to circumnavigate the continent of Australia. Trim was his beloved cat who accompanied him along the entire south coast and up round to Sydney.

As a kitten, he fell overboard, but managed to return to safety by swimming to a guideline rope and clambering back onto the ship. This made Trim an immediate favorite and token mascot among the crew, helping to ensure their own resilience on the journey.

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